15th February 2021

Tracking the vocals for “Take it or Leave it”

Another song fully tracked and in the mix process. Currently what remains is 2 incomplete songs currently, I reckon that the album will be fully tracked and will be in the full mix process by mid march.

What have I been listening to this week?

Been listening to some good stuff this week. A few classic albums in the form of “3:47 EST” by Klaatu, “Going For The One” by Yes and “A” by Jethro Tull.

Also some lesser known and indie gems: “Shutdown” by Fishtalk, “Melted On The Inch” by Boss Keloid and “Salvation” by Andrew Henry.

Fishtalk are an indie dream rock band from France. Their debut EP “Shutdown” was released only a month ago and is available on cassette here. Really relaxing post rock/shoegaze songs for you to get lost into.

“Melted On The Inch” is a cool grooving prog rock album by Wigan based rock band Boss Keloid. Originally released 27th April 2018, it has seen a few vinyl pressings, the orange vinyl version is the one I ordered, and you can obtain a copy yourself here.

Finally an album that has been a favorite of mine for years is “Salvation” by Pennsylvanian artist Andrew Patrick Henry. The album was released through Zenapolae on 28th September 2014. You can find Andrew’s music here.

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