“Puzzles EP” by Made Escape

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’m beyond Impressed with the work and time put into this project by Joe. He has been able to reach out to friends who are artists for some specially arranged parts. At times when something has gone wrong there has been a moment of hesitation, regret or self blame before moving forward. An understandable and natural response but it seems to be a slippery slope. Regardless of this, a solution has always been found and mistakes made corrected from both side. I feel I have made a few mistakes during the process, partly because this is my first time working with a producer. Despite this he has been welcoming and accommodating meaning we have been able to move past them and continue to work and improve. Open to criticism and change throughout the process. Only things I think could be reflected on are keeping communication straight forward when discussing the work and trying to look for the positives in bad situations. I have received advice on ideas, harmonies, business and marketing. It’s been a pleasure to work with him. Thank you so much for making my first real experience in the industry a memorable one.

Emily Sapsed (aka Made Escape)

Credited for: Production, Engineering, Drum Programming, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Shaker, Tambourine, Clapping, Additional Keyboards (on “Late Night Advice), String Arrangements (on “Expectations”), Mixing and Mastering.

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9th February 2021

Album progress is steady and healthy. Got back the first saxophone parts i commissioned a musician on Fiverr to record for one of the songs for the album. They sound awesome and help to complete the song, was blown away when i first heard them.

Saxophone parts were played by Manuel Trabucco

You can hire Manuel to play on your song here. I have commissioned for a vocalist to sing the lyrics, should receive those in a few days.

Production will be slow but i want to make sure the album is as good as i can get it, with the best musicians and singers featuring, polished mixes and perfect masters. Artwork is also key, i want to commission an artist who can convey all the songs through a simple and bold image.

A week ago i had the microphone out to re record a small guitar part so decided to record a cover of “Nutshell” – originally by Alice In Chains. The mixed HQ audio can be downloaded here.

New Album Out Now!!!

My new album “Well Then…” is out now, released through Marionette’s Manifesto. You can purchase the album as a digital download or limited edition cassette through bandcamp.

Limited edition cassette, only available at marionettesmanifesto.bandcamp.com

The purchase of the cassette edition includes stickers, 2 free CDs (Volume III by Nebulae Music and Cat Food EP), an automatic free digital copy of the album and I am also throwing in an extra download code that grants one additional free digital copy, give this code to a friend so that they can also listen to the album.

Free CDs included with a purchase of the cassette: Cat Food EP by Joseph Bagwell [MM001] and Volume III by Nebulae Music [HAMG006]

You will also be able to stream the album for free through the Marionette’s Manifesto YouTube.

7th March 2021

Been very busy the past week. Good news is that the album is mixed and mastered, all artwork ready to go. What’s left to do is record to the cassettes, broken half way so wont be long. Also waiting for the labels for the cassettes themselves to arrive, obviously not just going to have cassettes with A/B written in sharpie.

Been listening to some classic stuff while I work. First was Gustav Holst’s The Planets suite, performed by The Royal Scottish National Orchestra and David Lloyd Jones. I then listened to Black Sabbath’s classic eponymous debut album.

Looking to have the album ready for release in May so to stay tuned you can now sign up to follow the blog via the home page or follow my bandcamp store to be notified when the new album is released.

Alternatively Like and Follow the Facebook page, Follow my twitter or Instagram, Follow my tiktok (yes I caved and signed up for tiktok) or any other social media platform I am on.

Stay tuned, Joseph

26th February 2021

This ones coming a few days late, been very busy this week mixing and tracking the final parts of the album.

Got a few cassettes since the last blog post. One of them, “Ummon” by Slift, came with a few extras which I though were cool so I made a short video about it.

What Have I Been Listening to?

Mixing some of the songs whilst writing this.

“Ummon” by Slift

Starting with the longest album I bought, Ummon is a fun space rock trip from French band Slift. The cassette release comes with stickers of the album art, Vicious Circle Records logo and a postcard with the front man Jean Fossat pulling the face of a man who has just found his favorite guitar tone. This album mixes genres such as Desert Rock, Ambient, Prog, Space Rock and even some punk/garage rock in there.

“Bravado” by Farfisa

Bravado is the 2nd EP (out of 4 apparently) to be released by Manchester based psych-garage rock band Farfisa. What’s kinda cool is instead of splitting up 10 minutes of music across 2 sides of a cassette their EP is recorded to both sides so doesn’t matter too much if you forgot to rewind afterwards. Their cassette did come with a download code for the digital album. I gave this to a friend to introduce them to the band as when you purchase CDs/Cassettes from bandcamp you get a free digital copy anyway. Unfortunately their first EP Seven Sons is sold out on Cassette but it looks like they are getting ready to release their 3rd EP at some point in the next few months (something I will be waiting for).

“Swara Suci” by Bamboo Mystics

Finally I got Swara Suci by Bamboo Mystics. This is another release through China Bot (who are a good source for interesting electronic. ambient and traditional Asian artists). This album itself is great relaxing ambience and is definitely a good introductory album for people trying to get into the kind of music China Bot releases through their label. In Particular I recommend the track Mrichakatikam.

Overall hoping to have the album finished and ready for release by the end of March so stay tuned to my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Most importantly Follow my bandcamp store and you will be notified when the new album is released!

15th February 2021

Tracking the vocals for “Take it or Leave it”

Another song fully tracked and in the mix process. Currently what remains is 2 incomplete songs currently, I reckon that the album will be fully tracked and will be in the full mix process by mid march.

What have I been listening to this week?

Been listening to some good stuff this week. A few classic albums in the form of “3:47 EST” by Klaatu, “Going For The One” by Yes and “A” by Jethro Tull.

Also some lesser known and indie gems: “Shutdown” by Fishtalk, “Melted On The Inch” by Boss Keloid and “Salvation” by Andrew Henry.

Fishtalk are an indie dream rock band from France. Their debut EP “Shutdown” was released only a month ago and is available on cassette here. Really relaxing post rock/shoegaze songs for you to get lost into.

“Melted On The Inch” is a cool grooving prog rock album by Wigan based rock band Boss Keloid. Originally released 27th April 2018, it has seen a few vinyl pressings, the orange vinyl version is the one I ordered, and you can obtain a copy yourself here.

Finally an album that has been a favorite of mine for years is “Salvation” by Pennsylvanian artist Andrew Patrick Henry. The album was released through Zenapolae on 28th September 2014. You can find Andrew’s music here.

Doppelganger / Quarter Life Crisis – The Double Single OUT NOW

The double single “Doppelganger” and “Quarter Life Crisis” is out now on Bandcamp, Spotify and many other digital audio stores and streaming services.

Both these songs are preceding Joseph’s upcoming album set for a 2022 release.