New Album Out Now!!!

My new album “Well Then…” is out now, released through Marionette’s Manifesto. You can purchase the album as a digital download or limited edition cassette through bandcamp.

Limited edition cassette, only available at

The purchase of the cassette edition includes stickers, 2 free CDs (Volume III by Nebulae Music and Cat Food EP), an automatic free digital copy of the album and I am also throwing in an extra download code that grants one additional free digital copy, give this code to a friend so that they can also listen to the album.

Free CDs included with a purchase of the cassette: Cat Food EP by Joseph Bagwell [MM001] and Volume III by Nebulae Music [HAMG006]

You will also be able to stream the album for free through the Marionette’s Manifesto YouTube.

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English Singer-Songwriter and Producer.

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