9th February 2021

Album progress is steady and healthy. Got back the first saxophone parts i commissioned a musician on Fiverr to record for one of the songs for the album. They sound awesome and help to complete the song, was blown away when i first heard them.

Saxophone parts were played by Manuel Trabucco

You can hire Manuel to play on your song here. I have commissioned for a vocalist to sing the lyrics, should receive those in a few days.

Production will be slow but i want to make sure the album is as good as i can get it, with the best musicians and singers featuring, polished mixes and perfect masters. Artwork is also key, i want to commission an artist who can convey all the songs through a simple and bold image.

A week ago i had the microphone out to re record a small guitar part so decided to record a cover of “Nutshell” – originally by Alice In Chains. The mixed HQ audio can be downloaded here.

Published by 42

English Singer-Songwriter and Producer.

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