26th February 2021

This ones coming a few days late, been very busy this week mixing and tracking the final parts of the album.

Got a few cassettes since the last blog post. One of them, “Ummon” by Slift, came with a few extras which I though were cool so I made a short video about it.

What Have I Been Listening to?

Mixing some of the songs whilst writing this.

“Ummon” by Slift

Starting with the longest album I bought, Ummon is a fun space rock trip from French band Slift. The cassette release comes with stickers of the album art, Vicious Circle Records logo and a postcard with the front man Jean Fossat pulling the face of a man who has just found his favorite guitar tone. This album mixes genres such as Desert Rock, Ambient, Prog, Space Rock and even some punk/garage rock in there.

“Bravado” by Farfisa

Bravado is the 2nd EP (out of 4 apparently) to be released by Manchester based psych-garage rock band Farfisa. What’s kinda cool is instead of splitting up 10 minutes of music across 2 sides of a cassette their EP is recorded to both sides so doesn’t matter too much if you forgot to rewind afterwards. Their cassette did come with a download code for the digital album. I gave this to a friend to introduce them to the band as when you purchase CDs/Cassettes from bandcamp you get a free digital copy anyway. Unfortunately their first EP Seven Sons is sold out on Cassette but it looks like they are getting ready to release their 3rd EP at some point in the next few months (something I will be waiting for).

“Swara Suci” by Bamboo Mystics

Finally I got Swara Suci by Bamboo Mystics. This is another release through China Bot (who are a good source for interesting electronic. ambient and traditional Asian artists). This album itself is great relaxing ambience and is definitely a good introductory album for people trying to get into the kind of music China Bot releases through their label. In Particular I recommend the track Mrichakatikam.

Overall hoping to have the album finished and ready for release by the end of March so stay tuned to my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Most importantly Follow my bandcamp store and you will be notified when the new album is released!

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